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 Castle Siege (Sitio al Castillo)

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Castle Siege
Sitio al Castillo

Fecha Original: 05/12/2008
Fecha de la Actualización: 05/12/2008

Castle Siege
Sitio al Castillo

January 19, 2008 Castle Siege
19 de Enero de 2008, Sitio al Castillo

The Castle Siege is an event designed strictly around fierce PvP action. There can be only one ruler of the lands of Iris and the Castle Siege is the only event inside of Last Chaos that separates the real guilds from the rest of the rabble. It is a testament to the power of the individual player as well as the whole. The event is held every Saturday and is by far the bloodiest battle to be found in the world of Last Chaos.
Signing Up: Players must register for Castle Siege as either an attacking Guild or as a individual mercenary.

1) Players must sign up with the Chamberlain “NPC” in Merac
Attacking Guild Rules:
A) A guild must be level 5 with 20 members to sign up to attack the castle
Attacking Mercenary Rules:
a) Required level 15 and above
- Both Mercenaries and Guilds have the ability to capture the Castle. Although as a mercenary you will not have the support of a guild!
1) The Defending guild must sign up with the Chamberlain and set a time for the Castle Siege to take place. Castle Siege can take place on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

The Battle

There are three phases of Castle Siege.
Phase 1
1) Attacking Guilds and Mercenaries Battle one another for the chance to enter Phase 2.
2) There is a scoreboard on the right hand side of the screen that shows the top three guilds or mercenaries that have killed the most people.
3) After 15 minutes the top three guilds or mercenaries are allowed access to Phase 2 of Castle Siege.

Phase 2
1) The attacking guilds or mercenaries must defeat the castle guards. These are the “Azro Tower” and “Giant Statue” NPC’s.
2) Once defeated the attacking guilds will be granted access to the third chamber of the castle.
3) Just as in phase 1 the attacking guilds are competing with one another to gain the most points.
4) Whichever guild has the most points at the end of Phase 2 is allowed to move on to phase 3
Phase 3
1) One inside the attackers must face a new onslaught of towers and statues. These must be defeated in order to gain access to the inner chambers of the castle.
2) To win the Guild master of the attacking guild must destroy the “Seat of Power”
NOTE: Only the Guild master of the attacking guild can attack the “Seat of Power”. All of his guildmates must protect him as he attempts to steal the Castle.


Phase 1
1) Castle Defenders have the ability to different parts of the castle. Using the NPC Teleport A, the defenders can move to the various parts of the battle.
Teleport A – Found in the Inner Chambers
Teleport B- Found inside the second wall
Teleport C- Found inside the first wall
Teleport D- Found outside of the castle
2) During all phases of the battle defenders can attack the enemy. Defenders have the advantage of NPC help. Meaning that the defending guild master should coordinate his attacks at different parts of the siege.

Rewards for owning Castle Siege:
The owning guild receives a weekly tax, and is able to choose the time of the castle siege.
Bragging rights
1) The owners of the Castle May not use the castle announcement to speak of things related outside of Castle siege. No profanity, vulgarity or sexual innuendo will be tolerated.
2) All players must sign up for Castle Siege before the event begins.
3) Spawn Camping is not encouraged. Players should fight outside of the spawn points. This allows for a fair competition between defenders and would be attackers.


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Castle Siege (Sitio al Castillo)
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